About our Mobile Vehicle Valeting Company


Monkey Wash Mobile Valeting

Monkey Wash Mobile Car Valeting was originally set up as a weekend business. We started off with only basic equipment, handing out leaflets, and with a high demand within a few months we built an excellent reputation in the area. We have a passion for the job as well as complete attention to detail.

We now have numerous contacts in the area. We visit a number of workplaces where we valet employee's cars while there at work, and visit people who make appointments for us to come to their home to valet their car's.

Our vans come fully equipped with a 600 litre water tank to supply our own water and a generator to supply our own electricity.

There is a massive difference between professional Mobile Car Valeting and your local Hand Car Wash Centre. The main difference is we come to you at your convenience, leaving you to get on with your day either at home or at work!

Also the chemicals we use are only top market brands namely Autoglym, to give most people's second most expensive possession the care that it deserves.

The chemicals that a lot of car washing centres use can be harsh and very abrasive to give them high cleaning power and a quick turnaround. These can be highly acidic and can severely damage paint work on a vehicle.

The cleaning chemicals we use to valet your vehicle are biodegradable and non-acidic so are not harmful to the environment or your vehicle.

When you book Monkey Wash for a car valet we allow enough time to valet your vehicle to the highest standard.